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Ningbo Foreign Economy & Trade Information Center


   Ningbo Foreign Economy & Trade Information Center was founded in April, 1996. Serving Ningbo Foeriegn Trade & Economy Bureau, its major mission is to provide information service, technology service and market consultation about international trade that was based on Internet. 
   As a bridge between merchants inside and outside China, the center not only helps local companies to explore international markets by the way of internet, but also helps foreign buyers know Chinese products and develop their business in China, especially in Ningbo. ..[ more ]

Trademore Export Commodities www.tradeseek.com
International business opportunities are held in ours----fertile soil for international foreign businessmen, and the communication with international merchandisers........

E- commerce
Develops e-commerce sites
Offers one-stop solutions
E- government
Develops government sites which are committed to offer external service
Online trade
Commerce assistant
live assistant or on-line and mobile office
graphic design, professional training, CD making

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